Book: “The Barefoot Missionary” – Elizabeth Robertson

One of the most remarkable women of her generation, Mary Slessor is achieving increasing recognition for her amazing life story. A hard-working mill girl and unorthodox Sunday school teacher in Dundee, Mary had a fierce spirit and ability to stand her ground. This determination served her well when, inspired by missionary and explorer David Livingstone, she became a missionary herself in a notorious part of Africa. There her feisty character and solid belief in God saw her through illness and constant danger as she ventured into areas where no European had gone before. Mary lived with different tribes around Calabar, Nigeria, respecting their traditions but also inspiring their people and offering much-needed care. She put an end to cruel tribal practices and adopted many African children who would otherwise have been left to die. Mary also, during Southern Nigeria’s transition to a British Protectorate, proved to be a skillful and diplomatic emissary. This is a story of dedication, courage, fortitude and faith.

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