2 thoughts on “Mary Slessor: Mill Girl to Magistrate

  1. Dorothy Williamson

    I have the prayer book, entitled Daily Light ,belonging to Peter Rattray,husband of my great-aunt Janet Wright both of whom worked in Calabar with Mary Slessor. It is very tattered but you might be interested in having it for your exhibition.Sadly the quinine cup and idol that are part of my childhood memories have been thrown out.Regards ,Dorothy Williamson

  2. Janine Grimshaw

    Hi Dorothy,
    This is so nice to read, my husband is the grandson of Dr Robert Rattray and he has had left to him by his mother whom was Janet Rattray, a Pocket Watch That was a gift to him for his wedding to Janet Wright in 1902 and is inscribed with sentiments from Old Calabar. It would nice if you could email me as soon as possible.

    Best Regards

    Janine Grimshaw

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