There are few existing medical services in the area and those which do exist are often beyond the financial and geographical reach of the people of the area. The main health problems are malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and diseases related to water contamination and hygiene. Typhoid, cholera and a wide range of intestinal parasites are a common cause of debilitating and sometimes fatal diseases. The source of clean water in the village will reduce, but not eliminate, the risk of contamination. There are no surgical facilities in  the area.

The water tank depicted in the photo above is where the local girls and boys get clean drinking water from, supplied by the Mary Slessor Foundation. Every morning at 6:00am, many local girls and boys come to this water tank to get their water supply. A very unique spot, where these girls talk, laugh and share their gossip!

Before Mary Slessor began her mission in Nigeria, twins were cast into the bush to die as it was believed that they were an evil omen and their mothers were also cast out from the community. The first twins to be born in the clinic made their entrance into the world on 2nd December 2008 – the same date as Mary Slessor’s birth; both weighed in at 3.8kg.

Palm Oil Mill