Asteroid Slessor 4793

In 1988 a man discovered an unnamed asteroid in space. For 37 years it remained there, labelled only as 4793.

This year, 2015, the centenary of the death of Mary Slessor, the asteroid has officially been named ‘Slessor 4793′ after a petition was established by a Belgian based twinning charity.

2 thoughts on “Asteroid Slessor 4793

  1. James Bassey ( Great great grand son of Mary Slessor)

    My mother, Mrs Inyang Anam Bassey, great grand daughter of Mary Slessor, on behalf of her family, do appreciate the naming of asteroid 4793 after the legend Mary Slessor.

    Signed for Mary Slessor Ministry International
    James Bassey
    Mrs Inyang Bassey’s second son and great great grand son of Mary Slessor

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