Update January 2011

Medical Centre

The medical centre has now been open for eighteen months and in that time has received over two thousand people. Over thirty babies have been born, so far, and to date, thankfully, there has been no fatality of mother or child, and no deaths from malaria. The foundation would like to welcome a new doctor to the centre, Dr Kingsley, who will be instrumental in helping us become the regional centre for HIV Aids and Tuberculosis. We are making great advances in gaining the confidence of the local people in our medical provision and to offer TBA’s(Traditional Birthing Attendees) training, in basic hygiene, complication in childbirth and labor. We are now seeking funding for Solar panel powered electricity for centre.

Palm/Cassava Operation

The Palm and Cassava process is right now in full swing, and we are delighted to say that the unit is almost self sustainable. This plant earns badly needed finance for both the local population and the Mary Slessor Foundation. We are pleased to announce that the French Embassy has recently agreed to fund a 2nd production

We take great pleasure in announcing that in conjunction with Exxon Mobil a second training unit is constructed and now open.. The training centre is currently being run by three of the original trainees, Asuquo, Ubong and Essien, and we thank them for their hard work and dedication.

Training Centre

Fashion Design Centre

Petula Codrington is the VSO fashion designer with us at this time. She has currently twenty students in training and is hoping to have an exhibition of their work sometime in December.

Woodworking Centre

The centre continues to go from strength to strength, from the early days of making bee hives it has recently received a contract to supply school and teachers desks and chairs. The improvement in skills and diversity of products can only increase the drive for self sustainability of the Unit.

Metalwork Centre

This centre is flourishing, and provides all the equipment for the palm processing plant.

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