Update July 2011

Group Honour Mary

The Calabar Women’s Organisation, which works to promote education and health in the part of the country where Mary lived and worked, visited Dundee to honour her memory.

Anita Pascal, the organisation’s president, said “Mary Slessor is such an important figure in Nigeria. She helped so many people and did so much for the country. We all regard ourselves as the great, great grand-daughters of Mary Slessor.”

Trustee Lynne Binnie and former trustee Elaine Hackney welcomed the group at the McManus Galleries where they took great pleasure in visiting the Mary Slessor exhibition. The trip also included a visit to Verdant Works and they were able to take part in Sunday Worship at the Steeple Church, where they were made very welcome.

Anita said it had been a “privilege and an honour” to learn about the life of  “our late Mama”

Please click here to learn more about their visit.


We had a Trustee Meeting in Dundee Scotland early this month, which highlighted the following;

Medical Facility

The Clinic has reopened on a limited basis, with an experienced nurse and Anthony our pharmacist. As our activities expand, having a doctor becomes increasingly important. Unfortunately the medical section is not fully functional due to inadequate funding. Our present funding level is insufficient to have a resident doctor

Training Centre

The training programme has fully restarted under the supervision of Ian Clarke, an English trainer from Voluntary Services Overseas . We have around 50 trainees taking two year courses in fashion design, carpentry, or welding mechanical maintenance

In common with the rest of the country, power supply is very erratic and we again need additional funding to replace our ageing generator.

Palm Oil/Cassava Unit

This is the high season and the processing is in full swing. In the new unit, we are sourcing palm fruit from farmers for processing and also buying palm oil locally for storage now and then selling off six months from now when the price rises.

Our long term need is to get competent and accountable managers.

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