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Xenos Scholarship certificate

Update April 2013

First Xenos Scholarship Fulfills Young Woman’s Dreams at MSF

Students come to the Mary Slessor Foundation (MSF) in rural Nigeria to learn skills that will enable them to contribute to their well-being and those of their families and communities. However, many students struggle to pay school fees each month without a current source of income or someone to support them such as a parent. We were delighted when a pioneering scholarship offer came to us from Xenos Media Group, LLC, a first for both MSF and the company that will enable one promising youth to complete the entire two year training program at no cost to them.

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The fate of empires depends on the education of youth.” (Aristotle)

In any educational environment graduation is a significant milestone that celebrates and recognizes the hard work and achievements of the students completing their studies, as well as all the teachers, mentors, family, and friends who supported them in making this dream a reality. Many students at the Mary Slessor Foundation (MSF) Vocational Training & Skills Acquisition Centre are supported financially by one or more relatives, though some manage to pay for their own training.

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Update June 2012

Palm Oil Processing 101

Palm oil processing is part of everyday life here in southeast Nigeria. Every community has countless palm trees giving the landscape a picturesquely tropical look, while the not-so-pleasant scent of palm fruit cooking is never far away. The process of turning palm fruit from the oil palm tree into crude palm oil for consumption is not only an important end product and key ingredient in many local dishes, but it is also an income generating activity that enables many women, as well as some men and youth, to earn additional finances to support their families. Nigeria is currently the third largest producer of palm oil, but consumes more crude oil than it produces leading to the importation of additional oil from other countries. The oil produced from both the palm fruit and palm kernels have many other uses as well, including cosmetics and as an ingredient in processed foods.

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Update May 2012

The following is a recent insight of everyday village life in Akpap Okoyong by Christine Adolf, Volunteer Services Officer.

Mary Slessor Foundation Vocational Training Center: School is in Session May 7, 2012 Akpap Okoyong, Cross River State

As you stroll down the green grassy field of the Center when school is in session, you’ll get a glimpse of student life as they practice what they’re learning each day here in Akpap Okoyong.

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